The Reception

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Receptions with A Midsummer Night’s Dream theme could be held in the same location as the wedding ceremony, or they could be moved indoors. An indoor reception hall could be decorated with many elements found in nature to help tie the whole ceremony together. Small potted trees, garlands of ivy and pine, and even leaves could be incorporated into the room. Candles could be used on the table along with the natural elements to give it a romantic feel. White is natures opposite but ties in with it so well. Tablecloths of white combined with the greens and browns of nature just looks romantic and elegant. Chairs surrounding the table could be made beautiful with a simple white bow on them created out of white cotton fabric. Flowers that are found in and around the forest could help tie the entire theme together in one room. Light purple to darker purple wildflowers that would look fantastic in A Midsummer
Night’s Dream themed reception includes Fairy Slippers, Fireweed, Self-heal, and Spring Beauty.

For couples that prefer pink, there are light pink to dark pink Freesia and Rose Trillium. A gorgeous floral addition to any wedding reception is known as Solomon’s Seal. These little white flowers look like bells and are a close cousin of the flower known as Lily of the Valley.


As with any wedding, there are important things to remember about the day. It is not a day for stress. Even thought that is easy to say and not to do it really is true. The magical day captured by wedding photographer in Mexico is for wonderful memories made as the couple becomes one. Planning the even well in advance will help. A wedding themed around such a quirky and magical play like A Midsummer’s Night Dream should never be remembered as the most stressful day of a person’s life.