A Midsummer Night’s Dream Wedding

Fairy tales do come true when a couple decides to turn their single lives into one. To keep with that beautiful fairy tale theme the couple could create an entire wedding around Shakespeare’s masterpiece known as A Midsummer Night’s Dream. While the original work of art is a comedy written by William Shakespeare and performed on stage in 1605 it could bring to mind many romantic images. For instance, what could be more romantic than imagining the couple Lysander and Hermia stealing off into the forest as they spend a night under stars together? This, of course, is before the bad mojo begins and the couple never has a happy ending with one another. If you want to create and shoot your fairy tale story hire a wedding photographer Campeche.

The Venue

The location or venue of a Midsummer Night’s Dream-themed wedding should include things in nature. A clearing in a forest is the ideal location for this theme. Each state has their own special place in forests for these ceremonies to take place, and sometimes it is found by mere chance when driving by. In California, the majestic redwood forest is an ideal location. In Washington, there is a whimsical tree house location located in the Treehouse Point forest. Tucked away in the gorgeous city of Thompsonville, Michigan the bride and groom could plan a glorious forest wedding at the Crystal Mountain Resort. National Parks and forests may allow this type of celebration to take place and calling them is the first step to finding out. If a location is found by driving by an area that catches the eye it will never hurt to ask the land owner if they would mind this type of ceremony to take place there. Of course, no matter where the venue has held the people who attend the ceremony should be respectful of the land and the owner.

Decorating the Venue

With a forest wedding, the surrounding natural elements will help with decorating for the big day. White tulle and linen appear to be the type of material associated with forest themed weddings. This is an actually good choice as it appears to add romance and elegance when used correctly. Candles are also a wedding favorite, but realistically they will not work so well in the wind. Flame less led candles come in a variety of sizes and run on batteries, which is perfect for any outdoor event. Of course, some venues will decorate the area for the couple, but for a more rustic wedding location, this will be up to the marrying couple to do themselves. With most of the elements in a forest appearing to be brown and green the addition of colorful flowers will help the area stand out. A runner could be created from leaves, or to keep long gowns from becoming filthy, a carpet runner would help. The color of this runner should tie in with the color that the wedding party is wearing.